BLACKLIGHT: Jennifer Aniston

There are a few reasons Jennifer Aniston is a household name and an adored dame, and none of them have anything to do with acting. Her break came in the early 90’s from the sitcom phenomenon Friends, which followed the lives of six 20-something New Yorkers trying survive the repressions they had from their wealth families- getting higher education, being beautiful and oversexed and living in an area of economic and political stability. Aniston quickly became a favorite in the cast and a star on the big screen because of the damsel qualities she showed as Rachel Green, a color she got used to seeing in her pockets with her then-record $1 million per episode price tag plus hair product endorsements. And hair was the second thing that launched her career, influencing female style for nearly a decade and earning her the cover of every magazine in tinsel town. The fame monster grew even larger once Aniston started a relationship and married movie star and mega stud Brad Pitt. Continue reading

The Ten Most Overrated Performers Ever

What better way to follow our Ten Most Overrated movies ever than with a list of the countless performers who inhabit many of them? Beloved the world over for almost no reason at all, these ten performers are the epitome of what it means to make it in Tinsel Town without shining anything but a marketable gimmick.

Kate Hudson

What she usually plays: An assertive, in-control type who doesn’t mind cutting loose with her girlfriends.  She likes to roll her eyes when the guy she loves (usually Matthew McConaughey) does something stupid.

What she’s actually good in: Almost Famous. After it launched her career she went on rom-com auto-pilot.

Kevin Costner

What he usually plays: He actually has quite a diverse career, it’s just that everything he touches seems to either win Oscars or garner acclaim that it doesn’t deserve.

What he’s actually good in: Mr. Brooks and Bull Durham. No,  Field of Dreams is not the epitome of sports films, but Bull comes pretty close.  Continue reading