SPOTLIGHT: Santa Claus

The man that would do it all and do it without earning a cent. Without landing a cover on Esquire or GQ he lands on the homes of billions to deliver presents at night and lands repetitive roles in December family films.

Similar to a crossover career path of greats like Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Angelina Jolie, making it big in show business and then moving to politics and philanthropy, Santa moved from centuries of being toy tycoon and children’s moral police to the entertainment industry in the past century. A lesser Sarah Palin, but certainly exceeding the trials of Donald Trump.

He is a household name, even if that has little to do with his ability as a performer, which has never been more than mediocre. Only one Oscar win for this thespian, but that might be because he tends to replay the same role over and over again.  That’s no excuse; however, actors have often found great creative success in playing themselves over and over- Humphrey Bogart, George Clooney, Katherine Heigl. Continue reading