REVIEW: The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty
Directed by: Catherine Breillat
Written by: Catherine Breillat (screenplay), Charles Perrault (story)
Starring: Carla Besnaïnou, Julia Artamonov, Kerian Mayan and David Chausse

What a weird time it is for the movie fairly tale.  Earlier this year we received Hanna, a violent story of a young female assassin set in a phantasmagoria of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  Still earlier, Catherine Breillat (who directed this film) gave us Bluebeard, a decidedly more subtle but still violent look at a young girl who is married off to a man who is killing off all his other wives.

In that film, we saw a girl escaping the confines of poverty and repression by running into the arms of a monster.  It was a grimy, extremely low-budget film driven more by its ideals than its aesthetics or its actors.  Breillat is an important filmmaker of exceptional talent, so the film turned out much better than it should’ve.

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