REVIEW: Red Dawn

Red Dawn
Directed by: Dan Bradley
Written by: Carl Ellsworth and Jeremy Passmore (screenplay), Kevin Reynolds (story)
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson and Adrianne Palicki

Categorizing the remake of Red Dawn as a mindless action movie is a mistake.  Typically, those modern American action films embed a sense of macho honor and patriotism as a backdrop, not as a front-and-center subject.  Red Dawn avoids this, instead opting to adopt a philosophy of mindlessness, creating a space where the call of duty is all that matters and the foreign and domestic political spheres are nonexistent.

The original version of this story rose to prominence in 1984, at the height of Reagan and in the final decade of the Cold War.  Its premise, Soviet forces invading America and a small group of Colorado high schoolers engaging in guerrilla warfare against them in their town, fed off of paranoia.  In this updated version it’s the North Koreans invading the state of Washington, but the adolescent insurgents fighting for freedom and democracy are still very much in tact.

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