Origins: CyniCritics

Marshall and the Movies, in a super ambitious and clever series called Origins, has done a fantastic write up and interview for us here and CyniCritics about our beginnings in the movie blogging world. Be sure to check out Marshall and the Movies for more great Origins entries and movie articles. Enjoy!

It’s another two-for-one special today for “The Origins Project” with Matt and Luke for “CyniCritics.” I’m only just discovering their site, but I sure do love their honest and often brutal takes on movies.  The two writers are good friends, and their two takes coexist beautifully.  They have a very versatile site that sports much more than just reviews.  They give especially great answers, and it’s fun to read them play off each other. Continue reading

Our 100th Post!

Hello friends,

A few days shy of our 5 month anniversary, CyniCritics celebrates our 100th post on WordPress! We are proud to say that month by month our viewership keeps steadily increasing and the past few weeks have been record breakers, putting us on track to have one huge July. Thank you to everybody who has stopped by, read our stuff, engaged in the discussions and taken part in the fun. We would especially like to thank our other movie friends and the folks at L.A.M.B. for helping us out and providing a great blogging community to be a part of. We are happy for your support and friendship.

Looking forward to the future,

Luke and Matt