Complete Oscar Coverage 2011

With the inclusion of yet again ten nominees for best picture, this year covers a wide scope of films ready to be thrashed and cherished at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Nearly all ten nominees earn their spot to be nominated, and nearly the top five could be justified with a gold statue. However, this year lacked the golden winner who could tell the story of the times like Up in the Air or work magic with minimal cinematic innovation like The Hurt Locker or with maximum cinematic innovation like Avatar. Needless to say, something like The King’s Speech could walk away with a big win without stutter-stepping, but one shouldn’t close the browser on The Social Network, who did the best at merging great storytelling with veteran filmmaking.

Enjoy CyniCritics complete coverage of this years Oscar race. We have reviewed every film in our Best Picture Nominee series and ranked them below for a quick view for you. Included are our Oscar predictions in the main categories and some related links including our best picture poll for who should win and an essay on the frontrunners and their similar themes. The past year has been a fantastic year for film, and we are glad you share your readership and love for movies with us here at CyniCritics. Enjoy the show!


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Black Swan

Verdict: The duality of human nature, the endless fight between the light and the dark, is at the very core of this movie.  There is no denying the deep power it has, casting a hypnotic spell with its beautifully dark visuals and the volcanic performance at its center. Aronofsky transcends the familiarity in the stories he tells by burying it in his unique vision propelled by endless cinematic influence. Grade: A Read Full Review HERE. Continue reading