Five movies to watch with a group

As the summer months begin for college students across the country, one of the movies’ prime profit seasons is upon us.  People go out in droves to see the latest Hollywood blockbusters with their friends.  Those art-house films of the fall stay on the shelves, as people enjoy big-budget entertainments with their friends and family.  Here then are my five picks for 5 movies that are enhanced with entertainment when you watch them with other people. Whether they make you laugh, cry or drop your jaw in amazement, you will either enjoy these movies better with a group or be able to endure them better because you are with other people.

1.  Superbad- Perhaps the most defining comedy of this generation, the outrageously explicit comedy from director Greg Montolla stars a teen comedy ensemble on rank with that of The Breakfast Club.  The laughs are constant as three friends try to score booze for a party in order to get laid.  That may turn off many sophisticated, stuffy types, but more honesty is fleshed out over the course of these two hours about the modern teen condition than almost any other movie made for that audience.  Add in the iconic McLovin’, and you have a non-stop laugh riot that will endure for years to come.

2. Kill Bill Vol. 1- Though it’s hard to put this movie on a list without its equally excellent Vol. 2, you cannot deny the crowd-pleasing intensity of Quentin Tarantino’s genre-blended bloodbath.  From the beginning, you get one of the most well constructed action films of the past 20 years as well as a story simple enough to keep track of while still chatting with those around you.  If the gory showdown at the House of Blue Leaves doesn’t have everyone’s jaw dropped by the end of it, you’re probably hanging with the wrong crowd.

3. Drag Me To Hell– Sure, there are plenty of straight up slasher films you could watch with your friends and get scared out of your minds.  But one that expertly weaves laughs, scares, and thrills into a cohesive fable sounds so much better, doesn’t it?  Sam Raimi crafts a web of cheap horror thrills with his Spiderman money and comes out making perhaps his best film.  The parking lot scene alone will have your group laughing and holding on for dear life at the same time.

4. Requiem for a Dream- Not the first film I thought of to put on this list by any means, but after being consulted by a few friends I’ve been convinced.  This is a movie for a rainy day, preferably not after your dog died.  An emotional journey if ever there was one, Darren Aronofsky’s tragic tale of addiction is good to watch with a group if only because practically everyone needs a hug after seeing it.

5. Mean Girls- This movie, for the quotes more than anything, seems to stick on the cine-scene more than any other movie targeted at teens.  Endlessly recited, it may as well be the Bible of the Cosmo generation.  Rachel McAdam’s star-making turn as Regina George is far and away the best thing about the movie.  She delivers writer Tina Fey’s biting lines of satire with such endless evil it’s impossible not to be entertained.  That being said, it’s a good movie to watch with a group.  In fact, watching it alone is, like, social suicide.

10 thoughts on “Five movies to watch with a group

  1. Great list of movies except maybe for Requiem for a Dream which is a really sad movie so I’m not sure I would want to see it with other people around. Great call on Mean Girls, Superbad and Drag Me to Hell though.

  2. Requiem for a Dream? I’m hoping my friends aren’t that depressed! Also, another great one would be The Hangover, Wedding Crashers, Anchorman, or 40 Year Old Virgin, just to name a few.

  3. Jesus Christ, I remember watching Requiem for a Dream with my friends, that shut us up right quick. Also watched Boys Don’t Cry with the same group, also had the same reaction. Good list, man. Awesome memories are flooding back.

  4. I don’t think anybody want to see Requiem for a Dream in group unless you want a mass suicide on your hands. Mind you, I love the movie, but not for more than two eyes to see.

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  6. In completely dissagreement. Watch this films on group:

    1. Braindead – Dir: Peter Jackson
    2. Hot Fuzz – Dir: Edgar Wright
    3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Dir: Jim Sharman
    4. Pink Floyd The Wall – Dir: Alan Parker
    5. The Big Lebowski – Dir: Joel Coen

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