A Few Movie Facts: Luke

1. Of the AFI’s top 10 films of all-time, Raging Bull, Gone With the Wind and Lawrence of Arabia are the only films which I have not seen. The only films I think belongs in their top 10 list are Schindler’s List and Citizen Kane.

2. Some films I think they are missing out on are Children of Men, There Will Be Blood, Gangs of New York, Apocalypse Now, Kill Bill, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Pan’s Labyrinth and Taxi Driver. Man, I have a thing for dark films.

3. Favorite director is Martin Scorsese, hands down.

4. I try not to look at the run time of a movie if I’m watching it on DVD. If it is longer than 2 hours, there is a good chance I will never end up watching it. However, most of my favorite movies are 2 and a half hours plus and I have no problem watching them again and again.

5. There is a soft spot in my heart for Wall-E. It’s a great film, not greatest ever, but it’s great and since Wall-E is so damn cute, I’m a sucker for it.

6. The first movie I saw on my own without my parents was Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. I was in sixth grade and saw it with Robert. I probably saw it like 8 times following on DVD.

7. I am just like Woody Allen in Annie Hall, I’d rather just skip the movie than miss the first few minutes. Also, no bathroom breaks, I want to see it START to FINISH!

8. I took me about 7 times to fully get through Pulp Fiction without falling asleep. I’m still not sure I totally get it.

9. Often I will replace “watching movies” times with “watching HBO” time. Sometimes 60 minutes of The Sopranos or Six Feet Under just beats taking a chance on a 150 minute movie I might fall asleep through.

10. If I do fall asleep through a movie, then all hope for that movie is lost. I’ll never be able to risk falling asleep again through it.

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