If they were in television… Christopher Nolan

Notable films: Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige and The Dark Knight

Famous for: Stories grounded in realism, alterations to linear narrative structure, psychological themes, usage of symbolism, old school special effects with minimal CGI, excellent casting of prominent actors and dressing pretty classy, even on set.

Hypothetical title: Nostalgia

Hypothetical premise: Two young brothers are the only children of their parents. One is a charming, fair haired child and often the favorite of the parents because of his cleverness and personality. The other, a dark haired deviant child who often loses the affection of his parents due to his shortcomings when compared to his brother. The parents die when the boys are in their early adulthood, forcing the favorite and older to take over the family estate and the other treated as a child. Although the story does not mainly take place in this past, the flashbacks do.

In modern times, the dark haired brother is an unaccomplished writer and the blonde is a well-noted novelist, mostly for poaching the ideas of his brother while they were young. Following their career successes, failures and rivalries, the show digs into where the stories come from during their childhood, the death of their parents and how they can learn to travel back into those memories with their writing, meaning memories may not exist at all.

Cross between: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Inception, The Prestige, Shutter Island, Memento, Batman Begins

Likely to bring: David S. Goyer, writing and producing partner to Nolan, has dabbled his pen into television writing and producing with his own pet-project, Flash Forward, making him excellent talent to tag along. Since a television show needs a plethora of writers, expect his brother Jonathon Nolan to follow suit. Nolan’s expertise is often casting high profile actors into his projects, but don’t expect Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine or Christian Bale being cooped up into a 9 to 5 TV gig without getting restless or paid enough after Nolan and his show runners are taken care of. Nolan seems to be fond of Cillian Murphy, who is in need of a protagonist leading role to take his career to the next level. He could definitely have the acting chops and mystique to pull of a jealous eaten writer.

Likeliness of this happening: 2/10 Even though David S. Goyer is familiar with television producing and writing, he has repeatedly left the show and kept busy writing the upcoming Superman and Batman films and sharing iron hot success with the rest of the Nolan crew. After a string of hits, and Inception likely to match previous career heights, there seems to be no need for Nolan to switch mediums. Factor the likelihood that Nolan’s style might only be successful with film since messing with narrative form in television is relatively difficult and loses viewers if not done with great care and a faithful and patient audience, as seen with science fiction shows like Lost.

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