The Versatile Blogger Award: 7 Movie Facts about Matt and Luke

Both Matt and I (Luke) here at CyniCritics would like to thank Marc at Go, See, Talk! for bestowing us this award, we truly feel honored and appreciate being included in such a fine blogging community. Go, See, Talk! is one of our favorite blogs to visit when we are looking for some mid-day humor, an off the self review or just a quick five something or another that always seems to hit the nail.  Truly a fantastic site and thank you for all the kind words. Now down to business!

To make this “meme” a little different than the one we have done in the past, Matt and I thought we would share seven movie related things about ourselves that we share or have experienced together.

  1. My first time watching a Quentin Tarantino was when Matt forced me to watch Reservoir Dogs. I fell asleep during the first 20 or 30 minutes. Thanks a lot ACT week. But when Matt tried again to introduce me to Tarantino, it was with Pulp Fiction. I fell asleep through all 3 attempts. Finally, Kill Bill did the trick, although I have yet to stay awake for the entire Pulp Fiction movie.
  2. Matt has seen The Dark Knight 8 times in theaters and I have 6 times, 4 of those times were together. These figures to not include DVD viewing statistics.
  3. Last summer Matt and I did a double feature. We saw Moon around noon and (500) Days of Summer in the evening. Chinese at the mall fell somewhere in between. Yes, that rhymed without intention.
  4. When seeing a movie together in theaters, usually the only way to wind down from the experience is watch a movie back at each other’s house.
  5. The first movie we watched together was Eurotrip. Please don’t judge we were in high school and had not yet outgrown our stupid gene. We feel we’ve made up for it since.
  6. Probably 70% of the movies that Matt and I see are seen together.
  7. From reading 1-6 it is very apparent that Matt and I are quite good friends. It didn’t always used to be this way. In fact Matt and I used to hate each other very much. Movies changed that and that’s partially why I remain so passionate about them today.

We want to thank everybody who has made this the greatest blogging experience we have had! Looking forward to many more reviews, debates and friendships.

7 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award: 7 Movie Facts about Matt and Luke

  1. You guys are such close friend that I wonder if one of you is an imaginary friend 😉 Kidding of course, great to see a great friendship translate through your blog!

  2. Thank y’all for mentioning my participation in the Moon/500 Days trip. Miss our old blogging high school days. We were so cool then.

  3. Wow fellas, your opening was more flattering than I deserve but thanks so much for the gracious shout out! We would have expected something meager, along the lines of “Marc gave us this dumb award and we didn’t even get a t-shirt” You guys are pure class:)

    After Kill Bill, how did you fare with Ingluorious Basterds?…did it keep your attention?

    But damn! TDK 8 times?!? That’s about 20 hours of viewing time and like 60 bucks on tickets! Were any of those on IMAX?

    • Haha, a T-Shirt would have really tied it all together, but you are forgiven.

      Yes, Basterds did keep my attention. I wasn’t putting it on a pedestal to be great. It was a little slower and lagging in some areas, but entertaining, fun and well enough made for me to be satisfied. Just watching it the once was enough though, its not going to have the same shelf life as Kill Bill will.

      Yes 8 times!! What a trooper he is. A few of those were IMAX, and when you are in high school movies is really the only thing to spend your money on anyways haha.

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