Digital: Cinema’s divisive Phoenix.

A big buzz in the film industry these days, mostly amongst critics and purists, is whether or not, in the age of Pixar and Avatar, traditional cinema still exists.  Does printing your shots on 35mm make them any different than a digital projection?  It enriches the colors, it enhances the experience, and, in my opinion, it limits the audience.  Sure, traditionalists may cry “Off with his head!” at anyone who dares suggest a movie can be enjoyed outside the confines of a movie theater.  However, it’s impractical.  Movie theaters enhance the experience, there’s not doubt about that, but it’s absurd to think a typical person not being shown the movies for free can afford to enjoy every film in a multiplex.  It’s also absurd to think they can’t still enjoy it at home.

Since the invention of such devices as the Beta, VHS, and DVD we’ve been trying to bring the theater experience into the living room, and we’ve gotten progressively better at it.  If you’ve got a dark room, a gigantic television and a Blu-ray player, you’ve almost effectively recreated the experience.

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