Inception’s Early Reviews: It’s Just the Beginning

Among the endless and plaguing remakes, reboots and sequels which Hollywood has been chastised for earlier in our State of the Box Office, comes a willing, bold beacon of hope to rise up against the order of Hollywood and save the summer from a single state of mind, a breath of fresh air, a sneaking guardian, a… dark knight perhaps?

Maybe. At least that is the word so far.

Early reviews for Christopher Nolan’s latest mind-bender are calling the Memento, The Prestige and The Dark Knight creator’s newest film “easily the most original movie idea in ages.” Peter Travers from Rolling Stone rated the film three and a half out of four stars, complimenting Nolan’s audacity in storytelling, visuals and ambitions. The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and a handful of other notable publications have all joined the bandwagon, commending the film for skipping CGI for in-camera photo-realistic imagery, its grand multi-reality setting and complex narrative.

In a way Inception would prove to be Nolan’s greatest film to date, mixing his skills for masterful, complex storytelling seen in Memento with his success in big budget action glory in The Dark Knight. At least this is what Warner Bros. is hoping.

The studio isn’t approaching the task lightly. Selling the film as a smart, savvy blockbuster hasn’t been a problem, but will audiences take well to the idea of idea-thieving. Is it too much to ask for? Some think so, but Travers and other reviewers say the first hour of the film is spent towards setting up the story and that maybe audiences are sick of Hollywood treating them like idiots.

If the film is as good as they are saying, and the moviegoer hasn’t given up on Hollywood, then maybe Inception will be the biggest movie of the summer. With all the stars, cross nationalities, worldwide locations and Nolan’s following, it appeals to enough demographics to a The Dark Knight sized hit (check here for our summer box office predictions and see where Inception ranks).

Even if it isn’t the monster hit we are hoping for, at least Inception deserves credit for one thing, taking a risk. Or as Travers titles his review, it is “The Art of Dreaming Big” which, in a way, is what Hollywood is supposed to be all about.

4 thoughts on “Inception’s Early Reviews: It’s Just the Beginning

  1. Glad you keep it spoiler-free. I’ve been playing a game that MadHatter (Dark of the Matinee’s blogger) called ‘Avoidception,’ which means I avoid all the clips and tidbits about the plot to keep the experience as fresh as can be. But that said, this buzz is so promising I’m salivating to see this. Good thing we only have a week to wait for it.

    • Avoidception… that sounds like quite a fun game haha. The buzz is almost TOO promising. I’d hate to see a good movie ruined by over anticipation or word of mouth… Slumdog Millionare and Avatar were ruined for me that way.

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