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Directed by: Kristina Goolsby & Ashley York
Written by: Jennifer Arnold

I love Tig Notaro.  I became a fan in March 2011, when I saw her perform as an opening act for Sarah Silverman at The FIllmore in Detroit.   She did an extended bit about the Spanish phrase “no moleste,” and sold t-shirts in the lobby that said that after the show.  More keenly than her act, though, I remember how she wound through the audience during the Q&A period with Silverman that ended the night.  Even then, her distinct deadpan did not relent, and the way she said “Yeah, I have another question,” before she allowed the audience member to speak, as if she were disdainful of the entire concept, made me laugh almost as much as her set.

Just over a year later, Notaro’s comedy exploded back into my life.  I saw Louis C.K. tweet out that she had performed one of the handful of masterful routines he’d seen in his life at the Largo in Los Angeles; I remembered her name and sought it out.  There were articles and ecstatic reviews, but no video (the Largo doesn’t allow photos or video).  Thankfully, audio of the set was recorded and C.K. eventually made it available to buy on his website.

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